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How it Works?

Easy Set Up

We are aware of how valuable your time is and which is exactly why we have made everything easy for you. You can now sign up with just a few single clicks, saving a lot of your time

Tell us your audience

You never have to worry about using hashtags, usernames or locations! You can choose any of them according to what works the best for you, helping you target the right audience

Get Real Growth

We come up with special ways to catch the attention of your target audience! You never have to worry about your followers being targeted because we have your back to make sure all of your followers are being targeted!

Award Winning

Why DigitalGency?

Looking to enhance your online presence and boost the visibility of your profile content within your target audience? Join our exceptional digital marketing agency and witness a significant surge in your targeted traffic like never before.

Content quality alone doesn’t guarantee popularity. Many individuals invest tireless efforts into their content on platforms like Facebook, yet struggle to gain the recognition they deserve. Aspiring influencers often find themselves feeling powerless and discouraged.

If your aspiration is to expand your page organically and captivate your followers, we are the ideal choice. Our DigitelGency employs authentic methods to meet and exceed your expectations. Now, aspiring Pinterest influencers can thrive without the constant worry about the widespread popularity of their content. We specialize in helping your content reach the audience genuinely interested in what you have to offer. Elevate your influence with us!

How We Help Our Clients In Facebook Growth?

Many of our clients are Facebook users and we have been providing them with the best possible methods to grow through Facebook! As mentioned earlier, we use highly pure organic methods to meet the expectations of our clients.  We come up with unique plans and strategies to make your presence on Facebook a little more valuable every day.

We use every possible way to help you achieve your goals. Your name can now be all over Facebook and it’s time to make all dreams come true.

What Makes us different?

DigitalGency stands out with unique features among Facebook growth services, ensuring swift connection with your target audience—no delays!

Daily Interactions

We interact with your target audience on daily bases. We use different strategies to make your content catchy and attractive.

100% Human Powered

We ensure human-powered organic growth by providing you with a real interactive audience instead of fake bots Followers

Gender Targeting

We help you become an expert in your niche and get the attention of the target audience. Let us know about your gender preferences

Hashtags Targeting

Hashtags can increase the growth of instagram and can do wonders. We use the “hashtag technique” by using the right hashtags that makes your content spread like fire.

Geo-Location Targeting

We target people from the location according to your interests and preferences. We reach out to your target audience depending upon the location that works the best for you.

Niche Targeting

We are aware of the risks of using fake bots and gimmicks due to which we believe in 100% human power! We use organic methods to help you meet your expectations.

Competitors Targeting

We closely observe the kind of hard work our competitors are putting in and make sure that we come up with something stronger to compete them

Organic Growth

We are providing human powered Instagram Organic growth. You never have to worry about the audience because we bring you the audience that is truly interested in your content.

Customer Support

You can always contact us in case of emergency or any issues that you think need to be solved. We are here for your better future! We offer you the “24/7” customer service.

Our Pricing Plans

Basic Plan

$99/ Per Month

  • Avg. 100+ Organic Followers

    30 Days Pinterest Growth

    Targeted Audience
    Email Support

    Monthly Reporting
    Month to Month, No Contracts

Popular Choice

Growth Plan

$299/ Per Month

Avg. 500+ Organic Followers
30 Days Pinterest Growth

Targeted Audience
Live Support

Monthly Reporting
Month to Month, No Contracts

Growth 2x

$499/ Per Month

  • Growth 2x

  • 30 Days Pinterest Growth

    Targeted Audience
    Dedicated Account Manager
    Monthly Reporting
    Month to Month, No Contracts

Benefits of Using
Digital Gency

We help your content get the maximum of the reach it can and not just that, we make sure that it reaches the right kind of audience. All your content has to do is reach the target audience through our pure organic ways and the rest of the job of gaining targeted Instagram followers and traffic is done perfectly by us as well.

All you have to do is pick the Usernames, Hashtags and locations according to your target audience and let us do our job! You can completely trust us with the job of engaging with the people based on your hashtags, usernames etc. We come up with different strategies to deal with different individuals that will prove to be beneficial to you.

We help your content/brand/business get the recognition that it deserves. Our team with their experience and expertise makes everything easier for you. We help you get the most of the Instagram post reach through different ways. Your content can now reach the target audience without being stressed about it.

You can now only focus on your content and leave the rest of the job to us. Bot-driven tools put you at a lot of risks. Then, why go for such risks when you clearly get your job done purely organically? You will be working with a team of experts who will help you with your marketing and promotion of your Instagram organically

You don’t have to worry about your security anymore! You can completely count on us and we make sure that you are in safe hands. Our customer’s wish is our command and we totally get the concerns of our clients. Which is exactly why our site is fully encrypted and safe. By using our service your all information will be safe.

Although, most of the part of your job is perfectly handled by us and you never have to face any issues, if by chance, you have trouble resolving your issues, we are always a click away from you! You can always contact us without any sort of hesitation knowing that your issues and concerns are as important to you and they are to you.

How you can use this Service?

Instagram influencers

Are you an Instagram influencer and want the maximum ROI along with the target and sufficient audience? No worries because we help you get the maximum reach! We target the right audience for you and help you gain popularity in a short period of time.


As a blogger, no matter how good your content is, it has nearly become impossible to catch the attention of the right audience. However, if you work with us, the only thing you need to focus on is your content and how you can make it better, leaving the rest of the job to us.

New Accounts

Have you never been on Instagram before? No worries! We have our organic ways to make you one of the best in no time. You will reach your targets easily with no additional stress.


No matter running a home based business or a larger brand, we will help you get more sales through getting you more potential buyers and get maximum ROI and build a relationship with your customers


Want to create a stronger portfolio and help your clients to enhance their growth and increase their customer’s following? Let’s facilitate them together in getting real social media growth.

Why Facebook?

Facebook, a stalwart among social media giants, continues to captivate users of all ages with its unparalleled reach and dynamic features. Renowned globally for its seamless interface and unparalleled marketing opportunities, Facebook remains the steadfast choice for individuals and businesses alike. Whether connecting with friends, sharing life’s moments, or unlocking the full potential of digital marketing, Facebook stands out as an enduring and indispensable platform.”

This platform serves as a creative space, enabling users to craft and share pins, fostering connections based on shared interests. Boasting an average of 91 million users, and a steadily growing community, Pinterest’s appeal lies in its visually captivating content, predominantly showcasing beautiful and colorful images and reels.

Facebook, a dynamic platform that resonates with a diverse audience, offers incredible opportunities to amplify your presence. Currently, 30% of users are aged 18-29, 32% fall in the 30-49 range, and 28% are part of the 50-64 age group. Here at [Your Company], we leverage a range of strategies to propel you towards your goals. Envision your name echoing across Facebook, transforming your aspirations into tangible success – the moment is now to turn those dreams into reality. Let’s make it happen together!